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We here at JMF Bespoke Building Services are based in the heart of Cheshire, we are a family company with over 50 years of combined experience. Driven by a team of innovative thinkers, and creative minds. Mike and Lloyd both have fine art backgrounds and pride themselves with their levels of creativity and adaptability to innovation. Not only in design but in the physical manifestation the ideas, attention to detail and new sustainable technologies. All of which are the foundations to help make your home the space you’ve always dreamt of. 


Our approach is collaborative, and centred around honesty and practicality. Over the years we have accumulated a fantastic selection of the finest trades people in Cheshire, all of whom share the same passion for creating the most beautiful and comfortable living spaces for you to enjoy for many years into the future. Our skills and capabilities stretch far and wide, welcoming any challenge and tackling it with enthusiasm and precision. We love the opportunity to try out new and exciting ideas that keep our buildings at the forefront of modern design.


Whilst we absolutely love creating awe-inspiring homes that will still stand out in the future we also maintain a passion for the restoration of buildings from the past. We not only appreciate but admire the skills of our forbearers, and take great pleasure in restoring Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian buildings to their original beauty, with contemporary subtleties.


Like everyone in recent years we have learnt how harmful some of the old methods of building can be to our environment. Therefore, we have taken it upon our shoulders to utilise new sustainable methods and technologies when and where we can. We also try to recycle and upcycle where possible, whether behind the scenes or used as a rustic finishing touch we really try to keep an open mind to the bigger picture and adapt in our own profession to help the environment and the generations to come. 


We here believe that there is so much more to the role of design than pleasing the eye. For us it is about creating a sustained sensation of awe within your living space, and maintaining the highest level of comfort for you and your family. Helping create special moments within your new living space.

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